A Guide to Quaker Worship

Welcome, Friend…

If you are joining us in worship today, you may need an introduction to our Quaker form of worship. We hope that this short statement will be helpful. Please feel free to ask any member for further explanation.

All are welcome.

All are welcome.

We come to meeting for worship in quiet anticipation, ready to open ourselves to experience. We meet with each other with joy, for each of us has found that closeness can strengthen and deepen awareness. Each aims to center down, to sweep away all self-directed thoughts, letting the mind be clear and ready.

In a gathered meeting, there is a vivid sense of the seamless web that ties every part of the universe to every other part and that knits us together in understanding and purpose. At the close of such a meeting there is special meaning in reaching out to grasp the outstretched hand of a neighbor.

Participation means both disciplining ourselves and attuning ourselves to the group. Whether we are moved to speak or to keep silence, what matters, for the meeting, is that we be sensitive to the inner prompting that should be our guide. Not every message is meant to be shared but where insights are shared there is often an amazing coherence among these expressions and the consciousness of other individuals.

Meeting for worship is more than a peaceful hour set apart from the tugs and pushes and noises and demands of a busy week. We may find that the habits of calm contemplation, of listening to learn God’s will, of seeing that of God in everyone can saturate our whole being and bring peace and steady purpose to every part of our lives.

Meeting draws to a close in silence after about an hour. We close our worship by joining hands, greeting each other and sharing our personal joys and concerns. Usually, a simple snack is provided in another room; visitors are encouraged to join us there after worship for food and fellowship.

We are happy to welcome you to Huntsville Friends Meeting. We hope you will become part of the loving community that we share.